My Adventure in Texas! Yee Haw =)


Hello everyone Ivan food critic here and wanted to give you an inside look into my day…Well it started off by getting up at 4:00 am in the morning because I had to catch a flight out to Dallas Texas. I was going to Dallas to observe a grand opening of a new restaurant by a close friend of mine. I can’t give out the details yet because he is awaiting a press release first but I will say that the man knows a thing or two.

Everything was going smooth besides feeling a little tired until our rides tire blew out on a busy intersection on Hwy 635! Yes, I was a little upset because we were already running late however thanks to these guys at, we were able to make it 5 till the meeting.

The meeting went very well. I was the guest of honor and everyone was extremely pleasant. We had a Texas sized T-Bone steak which was nearly cooked to perfection. Most steaks are not either aged properly nor do they maintain the succulent flavor but this one was on point! My Buddy is a great cook and I do not say that too often.

The steak was also paired with a sweet potato casserole and lastly key lime pie. The sweet potato could have had a little more brown sugar and the key lime pie just needed to have a better presentation. We also eat with our eyes. I pointed these suggestions to my friend and he gladly accepted my request for change. I feel as that is what has allowed him to be so successful because he is open to ideas and friendly criticism.

Anyways, that included my trip to Texas so I will be back on a plane tomorrow morning back home and the Lone Star State will just have to do without me. Until next time and going to bed Ivan.

To Your Health Ivan!

The Impact Of Fine Dining To Your Health By Ivan, A Food Critic.

You may have heard a thousand times that everything you do have repercussions. I want to approve the matter by enlightening you of the positive impact of fine dining to your health. We are supposed to eat to stay healthy but so many people eat to end hunger pangs. In that case they don`t mind whatever goes through their mouth. If you care about your health you will precisely understand why the fine dining restaurants offer a balanced diet in every meal. As a matter of fact you will not just dine anywhere .Let`s focus on the health benefits brought about by fine dining. There we go;

  • Stress controlling environment

The atmosphere in these restaurants is super cool. Along with the highly decorated rooms you will forget your stress and depression right away. You will feel as if a huge burden has been removed from you. Scientist and doctors are always emphasizing the negative effects of stress and you are advised to try every means to keep off stress. A fine dining restaurant can do this perfectly well.

  • Balanced diet of high quality

The foods offered in these restaurant are of the right diet. Taking a balanced diet boost your immune system thus you will be in a better position to fight diseases. Your body grows healthy each day this is because all nutrients are supplied in the required amounts.

  • Enough portions of food.

Diseases like obesity are caused by overeating carbohydrates. If only you develop the habit of visiting a fine dining restaurant you will escape the shame of obesity and unnecessary fats in your body. The small portion that is quite nutritional is all you need to stay health not unlimited amount of food that you usually take, to later groan about stomach problems.

  • Diversity of friends

When you are out to dine in these restaurants you are liable to meeting great people. For most people who usually come along are a ‘people of class’. You associating with such kind will elevate your life instantly. After all one wise man said show me your friends and I will tell you your character. This means that you will be spared the shame and pains that come with being a nobody. Your face will shine for friends bring joy in one’s life. Through sharing of ideas your burdens are lightened. What else could your body possibly ask for? This is more than enough.

To Your Health

Fine Dining?

Minneapolis Food Critic, Ivan; What Exactly Would We Refer As Fine Dining?

If a restaurant has to be categorized as a free dining then it must have what it takes to be called so. The impression a restaurant creates from far defines its level of performance. Oh! Forgive my manners, I ought to have introduced myself first. Anyway am just eager to enlighten you. Am Ivan. As sweet as my name sounds it’s a reflection of the real me. If you have heard of Minnesota I reside at a city called Minneapolis. You can be sure we have a number of fine dining restaurant and excellent food critics just like Ivan. In case you don`t know the role of a food critic this is precisely what we do, analyzing food and evaluating the performance of the restaurants. Afterwards we publish the findings and advocate for corrections and quality performance. I love doing this passionately. I now hope you can trust me to guide you on what fine dining is. There we go;

The Operation of a fine dining restaurant

  • Attractive decors

A fine dining restaurant is quite fancy. The décor is conspicuous and creates a serene atmosphere. The types of lights used are mainly for décor purposes. The restaurant captures your attention from far. You can feel and even touch the uniqueness. In that case you can be sure that the restaurant is a fine dining.

  • Strict rules applied.

These restaurants have outlined the accepted dressing codes. You cannot possibly enter most of them in jeans and t-shirts. You have to be official sometimes even in a tie. For the ladies decent skirts and blouses and of course dresses are allowed. Not that they are good moral centres, it is only that they are too quality to allow any kind intimidating ideas, or guests for that matter.

  • Awesome menus

The foods offered are of high quality. But they could appear quite strange to you in case this is your first adventure. You will realize that they offer small portion that comes with such a huge price. You may start regretting your coming right away. But don`t even give the idea a second thought for what you are about to take is full diet of high quality. It will see that you stay cool and healthy.

  • Amazing and stylish service

Apart from the cool environment you may realize that you are being served as if you were the country’s president. Don`t be frightened you deserve more than that. After all the fining dining restaurants are put in place just for you. You are their most adored asset.

Fine Dining

Ivan Food Critic Extraordinaire!

Food Critics

Welcome everyone to my blog. I am excited to announce that I will be giving my expertise on food and restaurant fine dining so listen up! Despite what that little feel good Disney movie involving a rat that becomes an awesome chef…I hate to burst your bubble, but not anyone can cook, believe me.

I have seen my fair share of horrible cooks in Minneapolis and my goal is to help enlighten everyone of what a true dining experience should be like. Please join me as I explore the fine dining of Minneapolis.